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The natural wealth of the Nepal has remained unique, mysterious and fascinating for nature lovers. Variety of Nepal is wildlife can be seen in the 9 Nepal National Parks, 3 Nepal Wildlife Reserve, 3 Nepal Conservation Area, 1 Nepal Hunting Reserve established by the Nepal Government in an attempt to conserve this vital resource. If you are wildlife enthusiast and want to see wild animals in their natural habitat then Nepal is also a perfect place for you. Spot a striped predator amidst the tall grass or the wetlands, seeing herds of wild elephants and deer in their natural habitat, Rhino in the waterholes or watching a peacock dance in its entire splendor. What makes the experience even more enthralling is that Nepal National Parks, Reserves can be explored on elephant back as well as by jeeps. A wildlife safari tour is incomplete without actually spending a night near or live in a forest for a few days. Imagine living in a rest house or a tent in the midst of dense wilderness or nearby, and waking up to the twittering of birds, or maybe the roar of a Tiger! Day trips alone are certainly not enough to show you the true majesty of the wild. We will make all the arrangements for your jungle safari so that your wildlife safari trip will be an unforgettable experience.

- Binoculars
- Flashlight
- Insect repellent, swim-wear, sunhat and sun guard.

Casual and comfortable clothes and shoes for easy movement while on safaris. We suggest that color of your clothes should blend with the natural surroundings. The weather is pleasantly warm and sunny most of the year with temperature over 68 F/ 20 degrees Celsius. During the winter months, November and February, sweaters and jackets are necessary in the morning and evening (40 F/5 degree Celsius) with morning mist.

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