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Nepal is the best destination to enjoy the real beauty of Nature. Trekking in the Himalayan opens up new horizons of awareness, blending physical challenge with mental relaxation and a spiritual joy inspired by splendid scenery and heartwarming human encounters. It is a experience that will expand your appreciation of the world and give you a new perspective on you own life. Trekking is just walking, and anyone who is moderately fit and has a sense of adventure will enjoy hiking and trekking in Nepal. Some trekking routes are just a day hiking trip and some are very long and high altitude exploration over the mountain pass. Whatever your level of fitness or experience, you will find an adventure of life time that is waiting for you in Nepal. Trekkers can walk along the rough but beautiful trails or virgin tracks in the lap of green and friendly looking hills. The rhododendron-filled, green, dark and deep forests with different seasonal flowers blossoming can catch anyone is eye as can the scattered residential cottages, domestic and forest animals, variety of birds, both Hindus and Buddhist temples, mountains, breath-taking landscape, and above all warm greeting from smiling local people. The highly developed and well-defined trails have been used for centuries. The Trekking regions are wilderness, more remote, more rugged which demand a good level of fitness and stamina to fully enjoy. Some days can be difficult, especially if the elements are not favorable. There are two types of trek in Nepal- those where you stay in small lodges or "Tea House Trekking" and those which are fully organized or "Camping Trekking"

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