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Rafting and Chitwan Tour - 03 Days

Rafting and Chitwan tour is an exciting holiday trip that offers a unique opportunity for an amazing wildlife experience, accompanied by an exceptional white water river rafting adventure.

Nepal's first and famous national park is situated in the Inner Terai lowlands of Chitwan, covering an area of 932 sq. kilometers. Enjoy the activities like elephant safari and jeep safari for sightseeing exotic wildlife and diverse ecosystem, canoeing, bird watching and a walk in the wilderness accompanied by a trained guide.



Day 01: KTM - Rafting - Chitwan 加德滿都-泛舟-奇旺區
Drive to rafting start point by local tourist bus that departs morning at 7 o'clock. Rafting starts at around 10 or 10:30 AM, rafting for 2 & half hours. Lunch on the beach. Then drive to Chitwan by local bus. Welcome drink, if have enough time visit to Tharu village & Tharu Museum. Then to Rapti River bank for sunset view. Back to resort after dinner, enjoy Tharu Cultural Dance Show. Overnight.

當地的旅遊巴士出發,早上7點鐘從加德滿都開車到泛舟起點。約上午10:30開始,泛舟總時間為2個半小時,中午伴著沿岸美景享受午餐。然後開車去奇旺的。備有迎賓飲料,如果有足夠的時間安排參觀塔魯村和塔魯博物館。然後到拉布蒂河岸欣賞日落美景。返回渡假村晚餐後,欣賞塔魯族表演的【THARU STICK DANCE民俗舞蹈表演棍子舞】,源於木棍攻擊敵人或嚇阻猛獸,後來演變成傳統舞蹈,THARU勇士裙裾翻飛,高亢激昂的節奏韻律,配上鮮明的節奏與有力的步調剛柔並濟的舞蹈頗具文化特色。。當寂靜的夜晚來臨時,滿天星星伴您入睡,真是人生的奇妙的旅遊經驗!
Day 02: Chitwan 奇旺國家公園
After early morning breakfast, activities start as: Canoeing - Jungle Walking –back to resort & lunch. In the afternoon go for Elephant ride, you can see different species of birds, peacock, and wild animals as deer, one horned Rhino. Back to resort, free time you can go for shopping. Dinner & overnight.

早餐後,迎接晨曦乘坐【獨木舟CANOEING】您將搭上由木棉樹一體成型的獨木舟,倘佯林間清新空氣順流而下,沿途尋訪國家公園內棲息多達三百六十餘種的鳥及鱷魚,聆聽不時響起悅耳的鳥聲,聆聽百籟齊鳴,彷彿置身於世外桃源(乘坐獨木舟視水位狀況而定)。 下午前往尼泊爾國家野生動物保護區─【奇旺國家公園】,【騎乘大象進入叢林裡展開精采刺激的探險活動】,尋找獨角犀牛,以及眾多的哺乳類動物和鳥類,還有獨角犀牛和孟加拉國虎等幾近滅絕的野生動物,不愧為尼泊爾野生動物和鳥類的天堂。返回渡假村後的自由時間,你可以就近逛逛附近的特色商店。
Day 3: Chitwan - KTM/Pokhara 奇旺
Wake up in the early morning to take activities: Elephant Breeding Center visit. You can see baby elephants. Back to resort to have breakfast. Then depart to either KTM or Pokhara.

早上前往拜訪【大象繁育中心ELEPHANT BREEDING CENTER】,這裡的大象正在接受訓練人員的教導,觀光、載貨、救難都少不了牠,個個身體強壯活潑可愛。如果運氣好的話,還可以看到剛出生的象寶寶。返回度假村用完早餐後,離開前往加德滿都或博卡拉。
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